Monday, 21 November 2011

Restaurant Week Highlights & Reviews

Restaurant Week is over :-( but, It was great. Out of the 5 places listed on my Restaurant Week Wishlist, I managed to do 2, plus 1 that was not on the list, but very good nonetheless. Here are some reviews and photo highlights for you to drool over!

RESTAURANT #1: New Leaf Vegetarian
Location: Lane Plaza, Ligueanea, Kingston, Jamaica
Restaurant Type: Vegetarian Take Out
Special Feature (s): Fresh vegetarian food & juices quickly; fast food alternative
Restaurant Week Category: Nyam & Scram
Dishes: Pepperpot Soup and Doubles
Cost: J$350
Taste: The Pepperpot Soup was delicious. It had pieces of okra which was an unexpected, but welcome surprise. The doubles were somewhat disappointing. I found the wrap to be a little too chewy, but, the chick peas filling was not bad
Service: Good
Ambiance/Decor: As their website says, the decor did reflect the philosophy using natural Jamaican blue mahoe and bamboo for their furniture. However, the Styrofoam packaging was not eco-friendly as the website suggested.
Overall Rating: Fair. I'd go back and try something else.

Sandwiches coupled with my home made limeade - perfect!

Location: 11 Sandringham Avenue, Kingston, Jamaica 
Restaurant Type: Delivery Service 
Special Feature (s): Everything homemade, packaged and delivered with love. Every package is personally addressed to the customer (e.g. Bite Me: Sarah!) and comes with an inspirational quote and witty comments. All the deli meats are from the Jamaican company - Hamilton's Smoke House.
Restaurant Week Category: Nyam & Scram
Dishes: Beef Pastrami and Jerk Chicken Sandwiches and a Sesame Chicken Wrap
Cost: Choice of sandwich or wrap J$280 (RW Special)
Taste: The beef pastrami sandwich was particularly good. I thought the sesame chicken wrap would have come with real chicken in a sesame sauce instead of deli meat, but, the flavour was not bad. The jerk chicken sandwich was also not bad. Each combo came with a Cranberry Wata and a cookie.
Service: Very Good - The delivery guy was very pleasant and helpful.
Ambiance/Decor: N/A
Overall Rating: Good. I thought it was a great combo for J$280. I loved the personal touches, the eco-friendly paper bag packaging, and the fact the the deli meat is supplied by a Jamaican company. I did think the sandwiches were something I could make at home myself, but, it's a great idea for people on the go, who have no time to take a homemade lunch to work. Thumbs up!

RESTAURANT #3: East Japanese Restaurant 
Location: Market Place, 67 Constant Spring Road
Restaurant Type: Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar 
Special Feature (s): A wide range of Asian dishes
Restaurant Week Category: Tasty
Dish: East Roll Combo - California Roll, Tuna Roll and Shrimp Roll
Cost: J$2400
Taste: Very tasty; perfect combination of flavours.
Service: Fair. We were a little confused as to who our server was. Different waiters kept coming up to us and one of them was a little over-bearing.
Ambiance/Decor: Trendy, Asian-insired interior.
Overall Rating: Good. The food was attractive and appetizing and the environment was relaxing. I'd definitely go again!

I hope these reviews are helpful! 


  1. Good reviews Sarah, I haven't been to New Leaf or used Bite Me before, so I think I'll give them a try.

  2. Thanks Greg... Let me know how you find it when you try them.

  3. Awesome reviews sarah, and you just made me hungry now...... thanks alot :(

  4. Thanks Yanic! That's the whole point! lol


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