Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Crafty Christmas Decor

Hi there, I hope you're all feeling the Christmas cheer as we get closer and closer to that special day! Have you all started decorating yet; or have you convinced yourself that you can't spend on decorations this year? Not to worry! - Here are some budget-friendly ideas for you to try! You'll be surprised at how much fun you'll have crafting!

Clothes pin ornaments - glue some glitter onto one side and then glue anything from your kid's farm animals to sparkly buttons or dried flowers. Image Source: Creature Comforts Blog

Not only can your clothespin ornaments be used on your tree, but, you can also use them when wrapping gifts for a unique touch. How cool is that! Image Source: Creature Comforts Blog

Round clothes-pegs are used here to create the most adorable little angel ornaments! Image Source:

Pine cones as table ornaments - spray them with some metallic spray paint for extra pizazz! Image Source:

A candy-cane chain... Edible ornaments! Image Source:

Create a flower pot centrepiece using hurricane candles surrounded by greenery. Image Source:

Ever wonder what to do with the Christmas cards you receive? - Hang the up, for a one-of-a-kind look. Image Source:

Paper doilies are really affordable - use them to create a pretty garland. Add some cardboard letter cut-outs, covered in yarn or fabric, and you've got a great focal point for your room! Image Source:

Get the kids to help you give their old dinosaur models a Christmas make-over by painting them in eye-catching colours. Add glitter for more 'bling' or have your little artist-helpers sign them to really personalize them! Image Source:

Here's a fun project you can do by recycling tissue roles and cardboard boxes to create an attractive Christmas wreath. Image Source:

Have your children create personalized Christmas art to add to your Season decor. Also makes a great gift for the grandparents, Uncle or Auntie... Image Source:

Use assorted, old buttons to create this 'cute-as-a-button' ornament. If you're worried about colour coordination - simply paint them before stringing them. Image Source:

These magical paper lanterns are super affordable as they are made out of paper bags and paper doilies with candles inside. Fill each one with sand to secure the candle if you are concerned about possible fire hazards. Image Source:

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