Friday, 30 December 2011

Snippets from My Budget Christmas Decor

In light of the tough economic times, I decided to carry out a little experiment this year. My goal was to keep my Christmas spending to a minimum in order to prove that you can create something beautiful on a budget. I had so much fun doing it too! 

I decided to go with a rustic, burnt orange theme and I used a selection of affordable materials such as paper doilies (less than a J$ for one), wooden clothes pins (approximately J$200 for a pack of 72), paper bags, brown paper, burlap (approx. J$250/yd), ribbons and string. (Click here for Currency Converter)

My colour theme visual - The burlap bag is actually a car document holder I made as a gift for my brother-in-law :-)




Other Christmas gifts

A large frame I got in a sale. I decided to cover it with burlap to give it a more updated look.

The frame afterwards! - great alternative to a door wreath.

Here's my table centrepiece - I used tree ornaments that were on sale along with a candle and basket that I already had.

A host of butterflies/angels that I made for the tree using clothespins and paper doilies.

My handmade ornament perched in the tree!

A beautiful finish!

I have to say that I am pleased with my handiwork. It gave me such joy to see it all come together and it really got me into the Christmas spirit! 


  1. ...So we now know who to come to next year.

  2. This post is awesomely creative... wish I had seen it before CHristmas was over LOL
    My children would have loved to make those angel decorations :D
    Good luck with Ja Blog Awards

  3. @ kidfriendlyja: Awww thank you :-) Maybe they can make them next Christmas. Good luck to you also!


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