Friday, 17 February 2012

Cupcake Craze at Kingston Kitchen!

As I wandered around the stalls of Kingston Kitchen on Sunday it was clear that the cupcake craze had hit Jamaica! Yaaaay!! What's not to love about cupcakes? - They're cute, convenient and clean. Cupcakes have been around for decades (History of Cupcakes HERE), but they have sparked a pop culture trend in the culinary world which has lead to bakeries, cookbooks, magazines and blogs being devoted specially to miniature creations. As the saying goes "Good things come in small packages" Petite is definitely in!

Chocolate oreo petite cake from Brown Sugar. Email:

Passion Fruit mini cheesecake from Brown Sugar.

An assortment of lemon and strawberry cupcakes from The Sweetest Thing Cupcake & Bakery Shoppe.

Carrot sensations from Brown Sugar

Rocky Road mix from Brown Sugar

Peanut butter confetti cakes from Brown Sugar

Red velvet and more from A Likkle Slice of Heaven

Valentine's Day treats from Brown Sugar

 Fi Wi Sinting Festival 2012!

Head down to Portland this Sunday for 'Fi Wi Sinting' -  a festival that celebrates traditional African Heritage in Jamaica. Dine on traditional food such as dukonoo from Ghana, sweet potato puddings, fried fish and bammy, or vegetarian food from raw to ital! Hear Ananse stories told by Amina Blackwood Meeks or listen to resident poets Royal African Soldiers and others in the open mike segment. Experience the pulsating rhythm of live drumming and much more...This Sunday (Feb 19, 2012) at Summer Set Falls, Hope Bay in Portland, Jamaica, between 10am - 7pm. Admission J$800, children J$200 and students with ID J$500. Find them on Facebook or visit their website for more information

Reggae Icon Feature: Third World

Today's Reggae Icon Feature is the legendary Third World Reggae Band! Popularly known as the Reggae Ambassadors, this band has been providing the world with Reggae Music for over 35 years! Visit their website for more information.

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